What We Do

We always strive to exalt Christ and we achieve this corporately during our weekend services. The results are a renewing commitment to Christ, spiritual growth, and decisions for Christ. God is the initiator and we are the responders. Genesis 1:1 states; "In the beginning was God." As the responders we are called to praise Him for His creation, His provision, and His love that His Son displayed on the cross.(1 Peter 2:9) As stated in the Psalms we sing to Him a new song and play skillfully. God has given us talents which we offer up to Him with a pure heart. Looking through the Old Testament, multi-sensory worship is included throughout the scriptures. The act, smell and partaking in the Passover feast, the colors of the tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant are all examples we can see in the Old Testament. Video and lights are a way of including multi-sensory worship in today's church.

Get Involved

Volunteers utilize talents and gifts with equipment and instruments to help worshippers have an experience with God.  Each week the worship ministry creates an atmosphere to bring each person closer to Christ. Volunteers can be involved in the worship team or tech team.

Worship Pastor

Technical Director