Finding Meaning in Christ


We worship Christ in everything we do but corporately we achieve this during our weekend services. As a church we reach others for Christ by the way we live and speak. Those who attend experience firsthand how we exalt Christ through worship and praise, and are often moved to take the next step. Though this process, the Lord is constantly adding to our numbers those who are being saved. By faithfully worshiping Christ, we can expect to see a weekly renewal of member commitment to Him, a growth of relevant services, and decisions being made for Christ.

Worship Arts


As a church we are living and learning the Word of God. It is transforming us, our families, our communities and our church into more fully devoted followers of Jesus. Fulfilling our task of maturing church members involves teaching, training and turning people loose to do ministry both in and out of the church.

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As a church we are making a difference in our neighborhoods, city and world through acts of compassion and service by becoming the hands and feet of Christ. We engage the culture but do not embrace it. That is, we get involved in our communities through social and service networks making a difference and an impact that creates a good reputation for Christ and His church.

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