Everyday kids, seeking God everyday

We aim to equip and inspire kids to seek God on a daily basis through Prayer, Praise, and Preparation by reading the Word of God. We know that life begins, continues, and ends in our relationship with Jesus Christ. This is why we work so passionately to help kids develop life-long skills designed to help them seek our great God on a daily basis.


Five Begins 9/17 - Faith IVery Exciting is starting back up beginning on September 17th.  We will meet every third Sunday of the month right after the 2nd service for devotions, service projects, and lunch! All 5th graders are welcome!


JUMP, Jesus Use MPlease, is meeting each Wednesday night from 6:30 to 8 for our Christmas Musical rehearsal.  We will be performing on Sunday, December 10, during both morning services. Please contact Ms. Terri for more information.


The goal in our nursery is to ensure that each child is cared for, kept safe and leaves there knowing that Jesus loves them. Yes, even the babies are told this! We have curriculum for the children beginning at 2 years old. Although the nursery is a warm and safe place for your child to play, we want all parents to know they are learning and growing. Our nursery has four separate rooms each decorated and equipped with age appropriate toys for: infants, crawlers, toddlers and three year olds. Each room has at least one adult and several teen helpers. We have a very specific check in and checkout procedure to ensure children are safe. Upon check in, parents will be given a number on a card. Upon pickup, parents must show that card with the matching number. Older siblings or friends of the family are not allowed to pick up children due to our strict safety policy. During our worship services if your number lights up on the indicators above the baptistry that means you are needed in the nursery.

Children's Director

Nursery Director